Hampshire Swift Group

There is local interest in establishing a Hampshire Swift Group and to further this Edward Mayer of Swift Conservation will be speaking at the HOS AGM in April.  It is hoped to encourage some volunteers to come forward to add to the few already dotted around the county.

Andy Broadhurst is currently leading this initiative and is focusing on Lyndhurst, Brockenhurst and Lymington with the objective of establishing a good baseline count of active nests and then using this to determine what can be done to prevent the population declining yet further and, hopefully, instigating measures to boost the breeding population.

If you are interested, please reply via the contact form and this will be forwarded to Andy.

One thought on “Hampshire Swift Group

  1. I am about to introduce 3 Dutch swift boxes on my property. I would like some help on the sighting on my property. I would appreciate a telephone call if possible. I am a member of R.S.P.B. And HOS my telephone no. Is 01590 673219. Thanking you in anticipation Rainer.

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