Cancellation of field trips

We don’t know who is going to turn up on a field trip until we meet at the start and this year attendance has been between 4 and 27 people.  How then can we let people know if a trip is cancelled?  We do not want to email all 150 members of the group with information that is only of interest to a minority, otherwise we turn into Spammers – but at times weather forecasts are unpromising.  Just because there’s a bit of rain doesn’t mean the trip is cancelled; but with storm Doris, or whoever, forecast to hit during an outing, we may wish for discretion rather than valour.  At the moment, the walk leader has to turn up to an event regardless of conditions, just in case someone arrives.  This is neither fair nor safe.

If we reluctantly take the decision to cancel a field trip, we will post the information on this website hopefully by 6.00 pm the previous evening.  So, if there is any doubt in your mind about whether a trip is going to take place, check for a post on this site.  No post by early evening the previous day means that the walk will take place as scheduled.

If you are not a member of the RSPB New Forest Local Group, you are very welcome to join us on any of our scheduled field trips.  There is no formal charge for this, but a voluntary donation would be most welcome.

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