Comment from Mike Clark on the Paris Agreement

I imagine you will have been following the news over the weekend.

At half past six on Saturday 12 December 2015 a global climate change deal was struck.  The Paris Agreement sends a clear signal that the economies of the world must wean themselves off fossil fuels, that we will do what it takes to avoid dangerous global temperature rises, that we will protect both the poorest people of the world and the natural world.

This is the culmination of nearly a decade of campaigning governments, businesses and civil society.  The RSPB has played its part from the outset, as founding member of Stop Climate Chaos, the forerunner to the Climate Coalition.  Our supporters have taken to the streets across the UK calling for climate action, and have lobbied their political representatives for a fair and binding climate change deal.

We should be proud that, as part of Birdlife International partnership, we have had impact.

Our understanding of the enormity of the threat to people and wildlife has grown over the years, but it is now clear that without action, millions of species will be committed to extinction.  This is why the deal is so important.

Our special agent in Paris (and pretty much all previous climate talks), John Lanchbery, gave his reaction to the deal here.  You should note the significance of the deal for protecting tropical forests and other important carbon stores, such as peatlands.

I would like to extend my thanks and congratulations to all involved in the talks, especially John and the Birdlife team.

The important job of implementing the deal begins today.

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