Courses on insect identification

At a recent survey or RSPB New Forest Local Group members, 54% indicated an interest in courses on identification of species other than birds. Hampshire Cultural Trust, which was formerly part of Hampshire County Council Museums Service, hold a number of workshops each year on insect identification.  These include the use of keys in identifying specimens from the museums extensive collection, using microscopes and some field identification if conditions allow.  The following are in the workshop programme for 2016: Bumblebees, Solitary bees and wasps, Ladybirds and Shieldbugs and Leatherbugs.  The workshop programme is popular and they do get booked up, but places are still available on these workshops.  Click the species names above to get further details.

Hampshire Cultural Trust would also be prepared to arrange a tour of their collections for us, including their birds, and give us a talk on the importance of and rationale behind the collections.

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