Field Trips 2014-15


Tuesday                Hengistbury Head (SZ 163 910) 10.00am – 3.00pm
7 October              Meet in Broadway car park, Southbourne. Parking charges apply.

Saturday                Keyhaven Marshes (SZ 306 915) 10.00am – 12.45pm
25 October            Meet in the car park opposite the Gun Inn. Parking charges apply.

Sunday                  Lower Test (SU 360 139) 10.00am – 1.30pm
9 November          Meet at the Salmon Leap PH, Testwood Lane. Walk leader Les Easom

Wednesday          Farlington Marshes (SU 677 043) 10.00am – 12.45pm
26 November       Meet in the Reserve car park off the A27/A2030 junction.

Thursday              Normandy Marsh (SZ 328 942) **10.00am – 12.45pm
18 December       Meet at the bottom of Maiden Lane


Wednesday           Titchfield Haven (SU 534 023) 10.00am – 12.45pm
7 January               Park along the sea wall. Meet in the Visitor Centre. £3.50 entrance fee.

Sunday                   Blashford Lakes*(SU 151 079) 10.00am – 3.00pm
25 January             Ellingham Drove, Ibsley. Meet in Tern Hide car park opposite the                                      entrance to the reserve.

Saturday                Ashley Walk/Pitts Wood (SU 186 156) 10.00am – 12.45pm
7 February             Meet in the Ashley Walk car park, Godshill. Leader Steve Harrington

Wednesday           Blackwater Arboretum (SU 268 047) 2pm – 4.30pm
18 February          Meet in the Blackwater Arboretum car park. Looking for hawfinches.

Sunday                  Studland (SZ 037 870)  10.00am – 3.00pm
8 March                 Meet in Panorama Road, Sandbanks. We will car share across the ferry.

Sunday                  Badminston Common (SU 461 021) 10.00am – 12.45pm
29 March               Meet Badminston Lane, Fawley. Walk leader Pete Warne.

Tuesday                 Pennington/Oxey Marsh (SZ 318 927) 10.00am–12.45pm
7 April                    Meet at the end of Lower Pennington Lane.

Saturday                Pig Bush (SU 362 050) 10.00am–12.45pm
25 April                  Meet in the Pig Bush car park, Beaulieu Road.

Saturday                Martin Down (SU 057 191) 10.00am – 12.30pm
9 May                     Meet at the end of Sillens Lane, west of Martin village.

Thursday               RSPB Arne, Wareham (SY 972  878) 10.00am – 4.00pm
21 May                   Meet in the Reserve car park for a morning walk by the shore,                                          followed by a guided walk over the heath after lunch (£3).

Wednesday           Burley (SU 213 029) 10.00am – 12.30pm
24 June                 Meet in the car park opposite Burley Cricket Ground.

Saturday                Keyhaven Marshes  (SZ 306 915) 6.30pm – 9.00pm (NOTE  TIME)
11 July                   Meet in the car park opposite the Gun Inn (parking charges                                              apply),or along the harbour wall.

Sunday                  Warsash & Hook Spit (SU 489 062) 10.00am – 3.00pm
13 September        Meet in the Passage Lane car park, Warsash.

Wednesday           Portland Bill (SY 693704) 10.00am – 3.00pm
30 September       Meet in the Cheyne Weares car park between Easton & Southwell

Trip reports from the walks programme can be found on the RSPB website