Message from Samantha Tollworthy, Blast Films

“I am the Wildlife Producer on a new series for Channel 4 called The Forest and I was hoping that you may be able to help me.

I am looking to find wildlife stories within the New Forest that can be told through the seasons and was hoping that there may be members that have the knowledge or insight into the best individuals and groups of animals that we may be able to film (stags, bats, tawny owls, hobbys, buzzards etc)

I would love to speak with those with a keen interest about the behavioural changes through the seasons, monitoring wildlife or to people with wildlife on their property.

I am looking for both people that are keen to film both off camera but also on camera.

It would be great to have the chance to speak with anybody who may be interested over the phone.”

If you would like to contact Samantha, let me know through the Contact Us form and I will pass on her email and telephone number.


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