Pulborough Brooks Field Trip cancelled

It is with deep regret that I have had to cancel the planned field trip to Pulborough Brooks on Sunday 22 May 2016 as I was unable to find anyone available to take the responsibility to lead the trip.  If you were planning to visit the reserve, I would encourage you to do so, but it will not be part of an organised RSPB field trip covered by RSPB insurance.  There are a number of nightingales (8/9) singing on the reserve and they do not skulk as much as our local ones.  Hobby, cuckoo and garden warbler are also present.  The reserve also acts as a short term stopover site for migrants and vagrants and in the last few weeks has seen American wigeon, white stork, pallid swift and a group of 10 black-winged stilts.  Again, I apologise for having to cancel the formal visit and hope you will be able to come on future field trips.

Tony Bates – RSPB New Forest Local Group Leader

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