Roseate Tern Project

At this week’s AGM, Matt and Charlotte of RSPB gave us a presentation on the LIFE funded Roseate Tern Project and the actions that have been taken to date on the Keyhaven/Pennington Marshes and Needs Ore.  The long tern aim is to encourage roseate terns back to The Solent as a breeding bird; formerly they did nest in small numbers in the area.  The first stage is to improve the breeding opportunities and breeding success of common terns as a healthy common tern colony is a prerequisite for attracting roseates to the area.

When you are bird-watching in the area, look out for tern rafts, modifications to breakwaters and new shingle banks on the sea-side of the marshes.  Matt and Charlotte would appreciate your records of tern activity in the area and whether these innovations are successfully supporting breeding terns.  Records can be sent in via the Contact Us form, which will be forwarded to Matt and Charlotte.

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